Random Acts of Kindness

While the museum will be closed, our hearts are always open.
November 13th is World Kindness Day. Please take this opportunity to go the extra mile to make somebody else smile. Whether it’s holding the door open for a stranger, raking the leaves for a neighbor, or simply saying a kind word, kindness is never wrong. Join us being a Smile Maker!
If you have the chance, take a picture and show us how you showed your acts of kindness! If you don’t get a picture, just leave us a note in the comments telling us what you did!
Here are 20 ideas to help get your creativity started as you plan how to be a smile maker!

Acts of kindness are a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn how to show love in action to those in our family, our community and our world… and they’re  also really fun! Best of all, random acts of kindness for kids encourage kids to think outside of themselves and begin asking, “How can my life change others?”

1) Do a chore for a sibling without them knowing

2) Grab crayons and coloring books and leave them in the waiting room of your local pediatrician’s office.

3) Collect items for Hope House or the local warming shelter.

4) Rake leaves or shovel snow unexpectedly for a neighbor, especially one that you know is elderly.

5) Send an Apple to school with your child for his or her teacher.

6) Call a friend just to see how she’s doing.

7) Tell each of your kids one thing that you’re especially proud of.

8) Make someone laugh with your favorite joke.

9) Take a friend out of coffee just because.

10) Draw pictures or write thank you letters and drop them off at the fire Station.

11) Help a mom with little ones put her groceries in her trunk while at the grocery store.

12) Hold the door open for someone else.

13) Donate your used books to a mini library.

14) Pay for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru.

15) In winter, bring coffee to the crossing guard by your child’s school.

16) At the grocery store, leave your unused coupons on the shelf next to the product.

17) Let the person in line behind you go first.

18) Offer to return someone’s cart for them at the grocery store.

19) Visit a local nursing home and drop off bouquets of flowers from your yard.

20) Smile at every person who crosses your path for the day.

May you be blessed for blessing others with acts of kindness, and know that the Smiles you create will be your best billboard!

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