Sealife Mural

Our entryway looks like it needs a little life. Would you like to help? All we need from our little artists are drawings of sealife. Fish, sharks, turtles, starfish, coral, seahorses…if it lives in the ocean, we would like a …

Pati S.

Best of the children’s museums I have visited recently. Especially with all of its cars and moving vehicles, my son loves all that. Also the create art area, cool shopping exhibit as well. Even a nice closed off area for …

Lisa M.

Amazing areas with lots of room for action, yet places for sitting and doing more quiet activities. wonderful mix of activities for both gross and fine motor skills. Great intergenerational activity – we had a blast.

Vanessa B.

It was my first time at Baraboo Children’s Museum and I will be back! From the beginning the staff was very welcoming, the area is clean, and there are lots of areas for the kiddos to explore!