1. Why do adults have to pay to come to the museum?
    When we created the museum, we set out to create a place that would inspire and entertain young and old alike. Although our market audience is children, we know that children learn best when they are encouraged by the support of their adults. The museum was built with children in mind, but able to support the adults that are playing with their child. So be sure to join in with your child and their imagination, you won’t regret it!
  1. How much is admission?

Daily Admission   ~ $6.00 per person (6 months and under are free)

Annual Membership Passes ~ $100.00 for a family of four (4), $10.00 for each additional family member

  1. Do you have a discounted rate for low income families?

We do not have a discounted rate at this time. 

  1. Can I bring my drinks/food into the museum?

We ask that you don’t bring drinks/food into the museum to help us keep our exhibit space clean and orderly. There are opportunities to utilize our party room for snacks and refreshments if it isn’t already booked for a private party.

  1. Do you have wifi at the museum?
    Our museum is equipped with a Wifi Hotspot from Spectrum Business. Follow their prompts to enjoy a half hour of free internet. However, we do not provide free wifi ourselves as we want you to be focused and engaged with the children that you are with at the museum.
  1. How long does a visit take?

On average, families spend 2.5 hours at the museum for each visit. Although these numbers vary based upon the day and whether a guest is a member or not, expect to be able to spend two hours of play without overlapping activities or running out of educational opportunities. 

  1. Can I just drop my child off?

No, we are not a daycare facility.

  1. What is the age range for the museum?

We have tailored our exhibit pieces to children from the age of six months to ten years of age. 

  1. How do you keep the museum clean?
    Your child’s health and safety are our top concern, so keeping our museum clean is a priority. Emptying “Clean Me” bins, sanitizing toys, and mopping exhibit areas nightly allow for our museum space to be ready for the following business day. Your willingness to help in this by utilizing the “Clean Me” bin when your child puts something in their mouth, cleaning up after your children as you move between exhibits, and take advantage of the “Sanitation Stations” located throughout the museum would help us as we work together to keep the Baraboo Children’s Museum clean. We tidy up throughout the business day, but we also come in nightly to sweep, mop, sanitize, and other various cleaning duties as well.
  1. May I take photos? 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture share on social media is worth a million bucks. Please take photos of your family enjoying our space and share them with your friends and family. Please take photos and feel free to ask one of our volunteers to take a photo so that you can be in the part of the memory as well. Know that we reserve the right to use photographs and video images for marketing purposes unless otherwise requested. See the whole disclaimer here

  1. Why do I have to sign a membership agreement?

  When we first opened, we put our trust in our community to do what was best for the museum and those who participate in the museum. Over time, we realized that there were sometimes vast differences in our expectations and the behavior of some of our guests. We ask members to sign a membership agreement so that they are informed of our expectations and held accountable for their actions. The membership agreement isn’t intended to be a deterrent, but rather a guide to remind guests that it is a shared facility and that we need to be respectful of the museum, the staff, and other guests. 

  1. I’m not sure if it is worth my money to visit the museum.

We offer free tours of the museum. If you’re not sure if it will be a good fit for you and your child visitors, please stop by the front desk and ask for a tour. We want you to enjoy your visit. 

  1. Do you take donations?

Yes! We are a 501(3)c non-profit business run by volunteers. We are on a strict budget, so donations are always appreciated. Monetary donations help us pay the bills and purchase cleaning supplies and new items, and in-kind donations help us have new items for children to play with. If something isn’t a good fit, we may donate the item or sell it at our summer garage sale to help fund the museum. If you need a receipt for your donation, please don’t hesitate to ask as we will be happy to get one for you.