The Baraboo Children’s Museum (BCM) is committed to providing a safe environment where its patrons and employees are treated with respect and dignity.

Therefore, BCM prohibits unwelcome behavior or conduct of a verbal, written, or physical nature that interferes with the employee’s work environment, or a patron’s ability to make use of the Museum’s materials or service or creates an unsafe, intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for an employee or Museum patron. This behavior is prohibited in all areas of the Museum and Museum premises. Whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that an individual has committed any prohibited acts on Museum property, the violator shall be required to immediately leave the Museum premises.


Membership is intended for noncommercial use by individual members or daycares and cannot be transferred.

BCM reserves the right to revoke memberships for abuse of member privileges.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and/or deny admission without refund for noncompliance with applicable rules and terms or for inappropriate conduct. Purchase of an annual membership does not entitle purchaser to renewal in a subsequent year.

Personal Conduct:

  • Patrons are encouraged and expected to interact with the children that they bring to the museum. 
  • Patrons must clean up after themselves, allowing others to use the museum exhibits.
  • Food or drinking is not allowed in exhibit areas or outside of designated areas. Infant feeding is allowed.
  • Smoking and/or vaping and smokeless tobacco are not allowed anywhere in the building or on the premises.
  • Patrons are not allowed to enter the facility without proper coverage of the body, including masks if mandatory at time of entry. 
  • Vulgar or lewd wording or images on clothing must be covered.
  • Vulgar or lewd language will result in being asked to leave the premises.
  • Personal devices (cell phones, iPods, etc) should be kept at a personal volume level.
  • Photography and video recording with small, non-intrusive hand-held devices are permitted in most permanent exhibit galleries for personal use only, unless otherwise noted. The use of tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, light kits, or anything deemed intrusive to BCM exhibits or guest experience in any way is not permitted without proper consent. 
  • Live animals other than trained service animals or as authorized for Museum Special Events are not allowed in the Museum building.
  • All parcels are subject to search at any time. 
  • Use of or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances is not allowed.

Unwelcome Behavior – Patrons are prohibited from:

  • Engaging in, attempting, or threatening to commit an illegal act.
  • Endangering the safety of others, including:
    • Pushing, shoving, or similar activity.
    • Possession of a firearm or weapon of any kind.
  • Neglecting to properly supervise minor children (under the age of 18).
  • Unauthorized  misuse of or damage to Museum property.
  • Any physical, verbal, or written conduct that is considered unwelcome, disturbing, and/or offensive by the employee or patron.
  • Unauthorized soliciting of any type within the Museum building or on premises.
  • Hindering the use of the Museum by others, or the ability of Museum staff to perform their duties, including:
    • Blocking passage or easy access to museum areas, facilities, and equipment.
    • Using the Museum for other than its intended purpose or for other than normal and reasonable functions. 
    • Using the premises outside of normal and reasonable functions.
  • Unauthorized storing of personal belongings, including:
    • Overnight storage in public lockers intended for daily use only for Museum visitors unless authorized for Special Activities.
  • Trespassing in nonpublic areas restricted to Museum staff without permission of Museum staff.
  • Loitering with intent or assembly of groups who are not using the Museum for its intended purpose.


  • Violation of the Baraboo Children’s Museum Membership Agreement will result in the person being given a warning by Museum staff and asked to cease and discontinue the behavior immediately.
  • If the violation is of a serious enough nature or the patron refuses to discontinue the behavior, staff should contact the police department.
  • Should a violation occur due to breaking or damaging an exhibit piece, we reserve the right to charge for replacing or repairing the exhibit piece.
  • Senior Museum Staff are empowered to determine whether a patron has violated any of the Museum Rules of Conduct and may make the initial determination regarding what sanction shall be imposed. This may include suspension of Museum privileges and being asked to leave the premises.
  • The Length of the suspension from Museum privileges and/or eviction from the Museum premises shall depend on the nature and seriousness of the offense, the extent of the disruption, history of prior infractions of this policy or other Museum policies and any other relevant circumstances.
  • Commission of serious criminal offenses, in addition to criminal prosecution, can and will result in a person being barred and banned from the Museum Complex indefinitely.
  • Any person asked to leave the Museum premises as a result of the violation of this policy who refuses to do so, or who enters the Museum during the period in which he/she has been banned from the Museum shall be considered to be trespassing and may be subject to permanent exclusion from the Museum and/or arrest and prosecution for such trespassing.


  • Whenever possible, any person who has been evicted and/or prohibited from returning to the Museum or Museum premises, shall be provided with a written Notice to the offender that indicates with specificity:
    • Which rule(s) has been broken.
    • Restrictions placed on the offender’s ability to use Museum services.
    • Extent and Duration of restriction.
    • Appeals process.
  • A copy of this Notice shall be served upon the offender and at least one copy maintained for Museum records. Service may be performed at the time restrictions are placed, via email to any address on file with the Museum or, if not immediately possible, the offender should be informed and given a copy of the Notice at a later date.


  • Any person suspended has the right to appeal the decision to the BCM Director. The appeal must be made in writing to the Director or in person after scheduling an appointment. The Director may shorten, modify, or terminate the banning period if the information submitted by the individual warrants such modification.
  • The Museum Director will respond in writing and notify the individual of the appeals process. Until such time as the determination has been reviewed and/or modified by the Facilities Director, a banned individual may not enter or remain on Museum premises.